Jimi Hendrix

Widely considered to be the greatest electric guitarist in musical history, Jimi Hendrix visited Norfolk in 1967, playing at the Orford Cellar in Norwich on 25 January and the Wellington Club in Dereham on 7 October.

11 Responses to Jimi Hendrix

  1. andrew human says:

    I saw Jimi at Dereham with my mate Pedro we were 14 years old school kids. 14 shillings on the bus from Downham Market including entry.. bargain!
    Walked in the old cinema to a heavy joss stick/cannabis atmosphere, lots of rockers around the place was jam packed. I had not seen anything like it before. We worked our way down to near the front and was happy to stand there for a couple of hours next to an attractive miniskirted young lady.
    Hendrix was ace just back from America so a bit weary but put on a great show for us.
    We went round the back door after the gig and got Noel Redding’s autograph but sadly Jimi was too quick for us.
    Also remember Fleetwood Mac at the Gala in Norwich and Cream, the Nice, Jeff Beck with Rod on vocals, Soft Machine at the Lads Club.
    Anyone remember Champion Jack Dupree at the Mischief Tavern
    Lots more at the Barn UEA

  2. Phil Wade says:

    Jimmy, – Eyes of Blond…
    “Mini” (John Marshall, drums and vocals) died three years ago. Trefor Thomas (keyboard) died four years ago, and Ronnie Dearing (guitar) died two years ago. Of the original Eyes of Blond there’s only me (Phil Wade, guitar & vocals), John Averill (bass) and Colin Clegg (vocals) who are still alive. More stuff here: http:\\www.eyesofblond.co.uk

  3. Jimmy says:

    What a legend and a real star. I was at East Dereham that night on my first date with my wife of 48 years. I can remember his first number was Sgt Pepper – great gig. The Eyes of Blond – I used to hang around with those guys in the 60s Colin Ronnie. And mini sorry I can’t remember the other names where has all the time gone?

  4. Phil Wade says:

    Hi Malc – yes I’m British! I was/am the 2nd Guitarist & vocals for Eyes of Blond. Which “Town Hall” was that? Are you in East Anglia? If so, you’d be very welcome at the gig – see the website for details. Best Regards, Phil

  5. Malcolm Hunt says:

    Yes I remember those night’s very well,in fact the author of this piece,Ian Vargeson went to Hamonds I know him well and his brother Bim,lived in Beetley as I recall,saw Cream and Pink Floyd(a la Syd Barrett there(Tavern club),Cat Stevens,Small Faces,The Herd and many more,but Hendrix was superb,tripping out of his head,but bob on,and it was jam-packed for him,my favourite memory is of Ginger Baker breaking his muffler stick whilst doing ‘Wer’e going wrong’ and withdrawing a spare from his boot without missing a beat.
    And yes I remember The Rubber Band,their opener was usually ‘You don’t know like I know’ and thay did mainly Sam and Dave and other Stax stuff,good at it but had a small repertoire,well liked by many,although soul was not really my thing then.
    My favourite local band from those days was ‘Eyes of Blond’,their rendition of Eight miles high was fantastic,halycon days.

    • Emmi says:

      Eyes of Blond recently reunited for a special event in Eastbourne and are considering a gig in Norwich in early 2015 to tie in with a Radio Norfolk documentary on the band; it is planned to go on air around Christmas.

    • Phil Wade says:

      Malcolm – you may be interested to know that Eyes of Blond have reformed for a one-off reunion gig (for charity). Details can be found at http://www.eyesofblond.co.uk and, we hope to be including Eight Miles High…

  6. Ian Vargeson also remembers…. US west coast band Electric Prunes at the late lamented Cromer Links in late 1960s – can’t remember exactly when, but they did a double gig that night, first playing at the Gala Ballroom in Norwich. Must have been a challenge for the roadies and as far as I can remember they didn’t get on stage much before midnight.

    Quite a lot going on in those days, including various people who later became very famous appearing locally eg Rod Stewart, David Essex, Pink Floyd, The Who, Procol Harum and many who ought to have been famous, but at least had cult status, such as John Mayall, The Strawbs, Colosseum, The Action and, as they say, many many more…..

    Just imagine seeing Cream, or Chris Farlow and the Thunderbirds, at Hoveton Village Hall, Floyd and Hendrix at Dereham!

  7. Ian Vargeson says:

    I saw the Jimi Hendrix Experience on both of these occasions. Great atmosphere in the Orford Cellar, but uncomfortable, to put it mildly, when packed, as it was for iconic visitors like this, or Cream (Eric Clapton, Jack Bruce and Ginger Baker), who I saw there twice. At Dereham (where many notable acts, including other Americans Lee Dorsey and the Dixie Cups, featured at this venue in its various guises), I remember Jimi getting bored in the middle of one song and starting another and also damaging the ceiling with his guitar; but again we went home appreciating that we’d seen something special.

    • Neville says:

      A guy i work with was in a support band when Hendrix played at east dereham the band was called Rubber band but cant find any information on this. Would be good if someone had some info

      • Sandy Scales says:

        Hi me and my friend thumed a lift to East Dereham to see Jimmy Hendrix, he arrived really late and we only stayed for about an hour as we has to thumb a lift back to Gt Yarmouth, he was really good. Regards Sandy.

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