John Brereton

John Brereton (ca. 1571 -1632) was a gentleman adventurer and chronicler of the 1602 voyage to the New World led by Bartholomew Gosnold. Brereton recorded the first European exploration of Cape Cod and its environs. His account, published in 1602, helped promote the possibilities of English colonization in what was then known as “the North part of Virginia” and would later become known as New England.

Twentieth century historians have identified John Brereton as a clergyman who was born and lived in East Anglia, the son of Cuthbert Brereton, Sheriff of Norwich, he was educated at Norwich School. On his return to England, and after the publication of his account, he appears to have lived a quiet life in holy orders, becoming Rector of Brightwell, Suffolk, in 1619. He is probably the same man who became Rector of St Peter Mancroft in Norwich and who died in 1632.