Garvestone Village Hall

A memorial stone in the far corner of the playing field behind the Hall records the sacrifice of twelve members of the US Armed Forces, ten of whom were crew who were killed when their B-24 Liberator bomber crashed in the village at 5.30pm on 4 June 1944, and two of whom were firemen who rushed to the scene of the crash and were killed when the aircraft exploded.  You can visit a website about the ‘Garvestone 12’ here.

The memorial stone is located at the back of the village hall near the flagpoles.  The gate to the village hall is never locked.


4 Responses to Garvestone

  1. Wayne Schwegel says:

    Still love visiting your site – you have no idea how much it means that you remember the sacrifice of ALL who gave the last full measure of life to keep us all free. I miss my uncle and my father so much, and to know the memory of the Sachtleben crew is not forgotten.
    Thanks to you all,
    Sgt. Wayne Schwegel (USAF), WS3Y HAM
    Nephew of SSGT. Howard Schwegel
    492nd BG(H), 856th BS, waist gunner on the Sachtleben crew.

  2. Disne says:

    My mum’s house was hit she was 6 years old and her baby sister was thrown from her pram.. Mum remembers this very clearly.

  3. David Morgan says:

    Hi can you please tell me David Morgan. where in the village this B-24 crashed i have crash photos of a burning farm house was this anywhere near the memorial

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