Edward and Samuel Fuller

In 1620 the Mayflower sailed for America, carrying the Pilgrim Fathers, including brothers Edward and Samuel Fuller of Redenhall. Samuel, who may have acted as a healer on board the ship and after the settlers’ arrival in America, was known as the “Mayflower Physician”. The Mayflower settlers founded the first colony in New England, at Plymouth, Massachusetts.

Edward and Samuel were baptised in Redenhall, in 1575 and 1580. Edward died in 1621 along with his wife, likely a victim of the first harsh winter in New England which saw the majority of the migrants perish from disease and starvation.  Samuel took care of his brother’s son (also named Samuel) and became an influential member of the new colony until he died after contracting smallpox in Plymouth in 1633.

Source: J. Deetz and P. S. Deetz, The times of their lives: life, love and death in Plymouth Colony (2001).  Also thanks to the Fuller Society for their assistance and information on Edward.