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  1. Michael E Ripley says:

    Please go to this link:,
    perfectly written by Jim Weber
    and please let’s add the Ripleys to the Norfolk’s American Connections:ID: I11366
    Name: William RIPLEY 1
    Sex: M
    Birth: BEF 8 JUL 1588 in Wramplingham, Norfolk, England
    Death: 20 JUL 1656 in Hingham, Plymouth, MA 1
    Event: Bullet 1638 IMMIGRANT on the “Diligent”
    William was christened in Wramplingham, England, July 8, 1588. Since all of William’s children of record were born in Wymondham, he must have moved from his birthplace of Wramplingham, England, south to Wymondham, a distance of about 3 miles, before 1616.

    In “Genealogies of Mayflower Families, 1500’s-1800’s”
    “William Ripley who with his and four children, came from Hingham, County Norwich, England, to Hingham, Mass., in 1638.”

    According to records, William (about age 50) arrived in Boston, Massachusetts on August 10, 1638, with his wife whose name has been lost, 2 daughters and 2 sons, after crossing the Atlantic on the ship “Diligent.” William was admitted Freeman, 1642.

    About the ship DILIGENT and its passengers.
    On the 26th of April, 1638, the “Diligent of Ipswich,” England, of 350 tons burden, set sail from the mouth of the Thames, east of London and about 46 miles south of Wramplingham. TheRipley clan came from the Wramplingham/Wymondaham area. The ship’s master was John Martin. On board the “Diligent” were nineteen families and six or eight single persons, totaling 133 people. Twelve of these families, numbering 84 people, were from old Hingham, the rest were from the immediate vicinity. They had all embarked for the purpose of joining settling in Hingham, Massachusetts which had been established in the years 1633-1637. The colony then consisted of ten families and five single persons, totalling 49 people, who had once been friends and neighbors in old Hingham.

    The party landed in New England at Boston, Massachusetts, on August 10, 1638. They immediately proceeded to their destination, about fourteen miles southeast from Boston to Hingham, MA. Of the passengers on the “Diligent,”many of those names like Peck, Gilman, Gates, James, Cushing and Lincoln, were to join the Ripley family tree. From that start, William Ripley’s family began to grow and spread, becoming a part of the new country and joining the bloodlines of many of the “old comers”, those of the Mayflower passengers, Bradford, Alden, Brewster, Doty, Standish and Warren to name a few.

    Written in part by the Rev. N.S. Folsom, D.D. and Brian D. Ripley

    William Ripley’s first wife’s name is unknown. She was still alive on 8/10/1638 and the oldest child, Mary was 22. William married his second wife, Elizabeth Coffin, widow of Thomas Thaxter, on September 20, 1654. When William died July 11, 1656, Elizabeth married John Dwight of Dedham. In his will which is dated June 30, 1656, William mentions only his sons. He was an admitted Freeman, May 18, 1642. His town lot, which he drew in 1638, contained about four acres, and was on the main street, Lower Plain, or Hingham Centre. William made his Will on June 30, 1656 and an inventory of his property was taken on July 20, 1656. William’s actual death date was somewhere between these two dates.

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