2nd Air Division Memorial Library

Explore the story of the 2nd Air Division of the US 8th Air Force in this unique living memorial to nearly 7,000 young American GIs who lost their lives during WWII.

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The opening of the American Room at the library, 1963

The opening of the American Room at the library, 1963. After a devastating fire at Norwich Central Library in 1994, the Memorial Library was moved to temporary quarters until it’s new home in the Norfolk and Norwich Millennium Library at The Forum, was opened on 1st November 2001.
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The Halls – St Andrew’s and Blackfriars’

The Rev. John Robinson (1575 – 1625), a clergyman at St Andrew’s Church in 1604, was the pastor of the Pilgrim Fathers in Leiden before they sailed to America on the Mayflower. Visiting hours are limited when private events are taking place.

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Strangers’ Hall

Discover the Strangers on a guided tour at the museum. The Strangers migrated to the city from the Low Countries.  Peter Folger (1617 – 1690), a Norwich Stranger, was instrumental in the colonization of Nantucket Island in the Massachusetts colony, and is the maternal grandfather of Benjamin Franklin.  See website for opening times and admission charges.

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Nelson Premier Inn, Norwich

Childhood home of Vernon Castle (1887 – 1918), who emigrated to New York in 1906.  He and his wife Irene, a native New Yorker, were the best known ballroom dancers of the early 20th century, and are credited with rejuvenating the popularity of modern dance.


Victorian Bandstand, Chapelfield Gardens

Site of a concert by Glenn Miller and his band on 18 August 1944.  The band also played at many of the American air bases in Norfolk.


The Bridewell Museum

Celebrates local venues such as the Samson and Hercules – a dance hall frequented by WW2 American troops, the Orford Cellar, and The Jolly Butchers. The latter was a popular pub amongst American troops during WW2, and was best known for the raucous music nights hosted by landlady, Black Anna.  The museum is currently closed for a major redevelopment.  Please see website for more information.


The Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts

Holds a North American collection, including objects from Alaska and the Northwest Coast, as well as pieces originating from Greenland through to California and Kentucky.  See website for opening times and admission.

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An image of Chapelfield Gardens in Norwich, with the bandstand in view

Chapelfield Gardens, Norwich, with the bandstand in view
Image courtesy of Graham Hardy. Licensed for reuse under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 license