Temperance Flowerdew

Daughter of Anthony and Martha, Temperance Flowerdew (c. 1567 – 1628) left Hethersett to sail to Jamestown, Virginia in 1609. Known as the first titled lady in America, she was wife of two Governors of Virginia, sister of another early colonist, aunt to a representative at the first General Assembly and first cousin to John Pory, Secretary to the Colony. After the death of her second husband, Sir George Yeardley, Governor of Virginia, she became one of the wealthiest women in Virginia.

5 Responses to Temperance Flowerdew

  1. Susan Godman Rager says:

    I established Temperance Flowerdew in her own right as a Qualifying Ancestor for the Jamestowne Society (her husband George Yeardley had long been on the list). Walking in her footsteps at Jamestowne and at Flowerdew Hundred (when it was still open to the public) was a privilege and an honor.

  2. Laura Chalberg says:

    As a direct descendant of Temperance Flowerdew I would love to see more about her and the other female colonists. As the above article exemplifies, most of what I can find only identifies the women by their relationship to men and the men’s accomplishments. As exactly one-half of my ancestors are women, I find this appalling! Expected, but appalling.

  3. Mary Pilfold-Allan says:

    I am currently completing a book ‘Strong Women’ detailing the lives of some of the early pioneering women who made the journey to America. So far finished Eleanor Dare (I have an exhibition in Cambridge Universit Library at the moment), Anne Burras (Jamestown 1607) and Eleanor Bilington (1620 Plymouth Plantation). Not sure about Temperance Flowerdew…..as she is so well documented. Is there still a story to tell I wonder?

    • I’d be interested in Anne Burras as that is how my own surname is promounced here. I have seen it written as Burris is Haddiscoe and my Grandmother (from Burgh Castle) always said Norfik!

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