Activities for Children

Whether you are the leader of a youth group, or looking for something to do with the kids at home, why not try one of our free innovative and exciting activities for children and young people?


Catching Dreams With Pocahontas – Devised by staff of the 2nd Air Division Memorial Library  Learn about Princess Pocahontas and make a Native American dreamcatcher.

Abraham Lincoln

If I Were President – Linkin Lincoln and Norfolk – Devised by staff of the 2nd Air Division Memorial Library. Learn about the life and presidency of Abraham Lincoln and his family connections to Norfolk, write a presidential proclamation and make an American flag.

United States 8th Army Air Force (USAAF) in World War Two

Each of the following activities has been devised by staff of the Norfolk Record Office and 2nd Air Division Memorial Library.

Come fly with the American Army Air Force – a re-enactment of the Ploesti mission – A drama activity in which children become B24 Liberator airmen and join the Ploesti mission of August 1943.

Create a USAAF badge – Create a Caterpillar or Goldfish Club badge and receive a club membership certificate, or create a design for your own club.

Create an escape map – Find out about silk escape maps and how they were used by British and American aircrews to evade capture during WWII. Create your own, taking inspiration from archives of the 2nd Air Division United States 8th Army Air Force.

Far from home: Nose-art of the American Airmen in Norfolk – Find out about ‘aircraft nose-art’ and create your own design, taking inspiration from historical photographs of the aeroplanes of the 2nd Air Division United States 8th Army Air Force.

What was the impact of the 2nd Air Division in East Anglia during the Second World War – Explore the history of the 2nd Air Division United States 8th Army Air Force in East Anglia during World War Two, and the impact this ‘friendly invasion’ had on local people and communities.  This education pack is linked to the National Curriculum and has been created primarily for the use of schools in the United Kingdom, but other groups are very welcome to use it too.