Richard Lincoln

Richard Lincoln, ancestor of Abraham Lincoln, was churchwarden at All Saint’s Church in Swanton Morley from 1599 to 1620. His former home is now The Angel Inn. In 1615, he changed his will, effectively disinheriting his son Edward, who moved to the nearby village of Hingham. Three of Edward’s sons (including Samuel, direct ancestor of the American President Abraham Lincoln) left Hingham in 1637 with other villagers, emigrating to America where they helped found the town of Hingham in Norfolk County (now Plymouth County), Massachusetts.

An image of the sign which marks the land where Samuel Lincoln's house was. Samuel's grandson built a new house on the site in the 18th century.

A sign that marks the land where Samuel Lincoln’s house was. Samuel’s grandson built a new house on the site in the 18th century.
Image courtesy of Timothy Valentine. Licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic license.

4 Responses to Richard Lincoln

  1. I am the third cousin of President Abraham Lincoln, four times removed! I have written the history of the Lincoln (my mother’s line) family originating in Illinois, and the Johnson (my father’s line) family originating in Iowa in a book that i entitled, “Family Roots.” I have spent time traveling in Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois and Iowa in research of my family geography and history. I do so appreciate the records that I find on the various websites. Thanks for the records. Arlo A. Johnson

    • Dear Arlo,

      Thank you so much for sharing this. What a fascinating family history to have! I’ll keep a lookout for your book. I’m pleased that the Norfolk’s American Connections website has provided useful information.

      Best wishes,


      • Dear Laura,
        I have written many things on my blog, so if you wanted to look at my blog you might find some of my early writings that eventually became a part of my book, “Family Roots,” in which you will read much of the Lincoln story of which I am a part. Here is my blog address, Arlo

    • Teresa says:

      I am his 2nd cousin, 5x removed. I too have been researching my family history for years.

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